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Poorer households are worse off than we think

This seems like a good week to talk about the cost of living. On Tuesday, the UK Coalition Government put up VAT (sales tax) from 17.5% to 20%, which it somehow tried to spin as a ‘progressive’ move. This comes … Continue reading

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Inequality After the Crisis

Should social scientists stop carping about celebrities and CEOs and start worrying more about the next financial crisis? Tyler Cowen has an interesting article from a left libertarian slant in which he argues that “most of the worries about income … Continue reading

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Why evidence-based policy won’t tackle inequalities

There are some buzzwords that can win an argument all by themselves.  You can’t describe yourself as against ‘fairness’ or ‘freedom’, for instance, or object to ‘social justice’ – however wrong-headedly they’re being used. And for policy-focused researchers, our clinching … Continue reading

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