What is Health Equity?

I had planned to use my posting privileges here to write a series of posts on the idea of health equity, which would then form the basis of a public talk I have to give. Unfortunately, the date for the talk has come and gone without one post on the topic. For those who are interested, you can watch the video here (click “Playback options” to download an audio file instead). Here is a written version of my remarks, which provides references I did not have time to cite during the talk.

The lecture was designed to introduce an interdisciplinary audience to some philosophical considerations bearing on the issue of equity in health. Near the end I briefly discuss the kind of egalitarianism I am attracted to, but that view still needs significant defense and refinement. I am also keenly aware of how often I help myself to the idea of “overall well-being,” when I really have no idea what I mean by that.

Any and all comments are welcome, whether via email or in the comments to this post.

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