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Does Racial Discrimination Cause Obesity?

The United States is not only the land of opportunity, but also the land of obesity. In 2000, approximately 16% of immigrants in the United States were obese, compared to 22% of native-born Americans. Immigrants eventually close in on native-born … Continue reading

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What the public thinks of ‘fair chances’

The other week I wrote about how ‘fair chances’ are not necessarily ‘equal chances’, spurred by writings of the philosopher Elizabeth Anderson.  In one of those satisfying coincidences that happen from time-to-time, these ideas helped explain a conundrum that Karen … Continue reading

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Crime and the Economic Downturn

Here are some headlines from 2008: “Keeping Wary Eye on Crime as Economy Sinks” – New York Times (October 9) “Economic downturn hits U.S. police with double whammy” – Reuters (October 21) “Will Recession Make Cities Dangerous Again?” – ABC … Continue reading

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The middle-class in poor countries

Last week I blogged the first part of an interview with Phillip Brown, and his work with Lauder and Ashton on the ‘global auction’ for middle-class jobs. In this final post, I asked him whether offshoring middle-class jobs is actually … Continue reading

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What to Read When you Don’t Read our Blog

This may come as a shock, but our humble blog is not the only game in town. Today I wanted to highlight a few other wonderful blogs that are out there and encourage you to check them out. I’ll do … Continue reading

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Offshoring middle-class jobs: myths, realities, policies

Good jobs in the UK and US are under threat, facing a ‘global auction’ against emerging economies that Western countries are likely to lose – according to a fascinating recent book by Brown, Lauder & Ashton that I previously described … Continue reading

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Does Health Insurance Prevent Poverty? Evidence from OHIE

The early results from the Oregon Health Insurance Experiment (OHIE), a natural experiment in the state of Oregon that provided previously ineligible poor adults with the chance to lottery for coverage in Medicaid (public insurance for the poor), are astounding. … Continue reading

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Leisure Inequality – What Do the Poor and Non-Poor Do For Fun?

Oscar Wilde once said that “cultivated leisure is the aim of man,” by which he may have been thinking of the kinds of diversions that require wearing a tuxedo or concentrating for long hours in an edifying seminar. The truly … Continue reading

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The sins of our fathers

In a guest post, Claire Leigh is prompted by an old British prison in Ghana to consider whether we should really have colonial guilt – and in doing this,  draws parallels between the past and present inequalities of the global economy. … Continue reading

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