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Challenging the myth of the workless

In a guest post, Kayleigh Garthwaite talks about the important new book that she – together with her co-authors, Tracy Shildrick, Rob MacDonald and Colin Webster – released this week on the realities of the low-pay no-pay cycle in Britain. Every single … Continue reading

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Small steps toward a better world

Many of my friends in America are in despair this morning, after yet another mass killing, this one in an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut. Moreover, even though homicides have declined in the last decade, they remain startlingly high among … Continue reading

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Ending the Charitable Deduction is Part of the Solution

To balance the budget, Republicans want to raise revenue by getting rid of tax loopholes instead of raising rates. If we are getting rid of loopholes, what about eliminating the income tax deduction on charitable contributions? Ending the charitable deduction … Continue reading

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Global warming as existential risk

Why should we be committed to egalitarianism? If you read this blog, it is likely that you are committed to (or reject) egalitarianism because (obviously) of your beliefs about the justice of egalitarianism. However, I think that we must pursue human … Continue reading

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