Banging on about benefits: Addendum

As a side note to my previous post, there was another interesting finding from the TUC survey I mentioned.

When asked about benefits, 48% of people supported limiting increases to below inflation (vs. 32% opposed). When asked how benefits should change, 35% of people said that they should increase in line with prices, and 15% that they should increase in line with prices or wages whichever is higher. Only 25% said that they should increase by less than wages or prices. As prices are currently increasing by more than wages (the whole rationale for the benefits uprating bill), this means there is some proportion of people who simultaneously think that benefits should track prices, but who also think we should hold them lower than inflation:

About Robert de Vries

I'm an Early Career Research Fellow in the Sociology department at the University of Oxford. I'm mainly interested in how people are affected by concerns about their social status; how it colours the way they think, feel, and behave. I try and contribute here regularly, but my addiction to writing excessively long posts keeps getting in the way.
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