The Inequalities Blog is changing

Those of you who check the blog will have noticed that the gap between posts has been steadily increasing for a while, and recently we haven’t posted much at all.  This is the perhaps inevitable result of the blog contributors variously changing job and being overwhelmed by a myriad of other (albeit exciting) projects.

However, all is not lost!  Instead, the blog is changing.

Rather than having a regular posting schedule, we – me (Ben), Rob and Brendan – will put things up on a more occasional basis, either when we have new research of our own out, or when we have something we really want to say about someone else’s research.  (So for example, Ben will write something to accompany his chapter in British Social Attitudes next week).

So please do keep in touch with the blog – either by following is on Twitter, liking our Facebook page, on RSS, or joining our mailing list (see the right-hand side of this page).

We’re also proud of the body of posts on the blog so far – since the first posts in September 2010, we’ve written over 350 posts between us (Ben and Brendan both managing over 100 each and Rob writing more than 30, as well as nearly 25 from Bill, and with 28 other contributors writing at least one post).  There’s over 400 people on the mailing list, over 200 following via Facebook, and over 2000 followers on Twitter.  And even just looking over the highlights from the first three months in 2010, there’s a huge amount on the blog that we ourselves find useful to come back to.

So huge thanks to all the contributors so far, thanks also to those of you that read the blog and share it with others, and we’re looking forward to continuing the blog (albeit in a less-intensive phase) going forward 🙂

Ben, Rob and Brendan, June 2014

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