Month: February 2018

  • How a better WCA is possible

    Ironically, sometimes it is a policy’s failures rather than successes that make it difficult to reform. The Work Capability Assessment (WCA) for out-of-work disability benefits has been a failure by almost any criteria – yet it is still with us, with little prospect of any change soon. One reason is that having seen the WCA […]

  • Highlights from the ‘Rethinking Incapacity’ blog

    One of the reasons that the Inequalities blog has been quiet for a little while is that I set up a separate blog to focus on my 2014-17 project on disability, work and the benefits system, called Rethinking Incapacity. That blog has now closed – but just in case you’re interested in what I was writing, […]

  • The full return of the Inequalities blog

    After a long gap and an intermittent return last year (including a great post by Paolo Brunori), the Inequalities blog is back! We have a series of posts lined up, including on disability & the benefits system, whether the public believe ‘benefit myths’ and if this matters, whether talking about how benefit claimants are ‘deserving’ only […]