Month: April 2018

  • Can poverty rise while inequality is flat?

    I recently saw a great post about how there’s been a big increase in inequality within the bottom half of the income distribution (between the 3rd and 1st (bottom) deciles) from 1996-2008, which then fell but rose again 2011-2016. The piece is on stumblingandmumbling (the great economics blog by┬áChris Dillow) , and I thought Inequalities […]

  • Most people are ‘benefit claimants’ sometimes…

    One of the biggest misconceptions about the benefits system is that we split neatly and permanently into two groups: ‘benefit claimants’ and ‘everyone else’. As soon as you take a long view, though, you realise how wrong this is: many people move in-and-out of struggles at different times in their lives, and one of the […]