The blog is now primarily maintained by Ben Baumberg Geiger, but it continues a longer running collaborative blog where I was part of a wider team. The descriptions of the contributors as we were then are here, and this was how we originally described the purpose of the blog – I purpose I think is equally relevant nearly a deacde later…

This blog was set up by a bunch of young researchers – sociologists, political scientists, geographers, demographers, social policy scholars, economists – from universities on both sides of the Atlantic who wanted to create…

… a space to critically discuss research on inequality, both our own research and the most interesting research we come across; and

… a community of people who want to try and tackle the injustices they see in the world by shedding light on things that would otherwise be invisible.

We originally came together at a ‘Social Change: a Harvard-Manchester Initiative’ (SCHMI) workshop in Crewe, England in June 2010.  Enormous thanks to everyone at SCHMI for putting us in one place and giving us the energy to do this – particularly to Bob Putnam and Bruce Western at Harvard and Ed Fieldhouse at Manchester.

For the first four years, Inequalities was a collaborative blog involving us and others who shared these goals.  For the meantime the blog has moved back to being an author-driven blog by Ben, Brendan and Rob (as we explain here), but we’d love to get back to the original intent at some point – click here to get in touch if you think you’re someone who could help us with this, but otherwise watch this space… We hope you enjoyed our more-occasional-but-still-reasonably-regular posts in the meantime!

Ben and Brendan, July 2010 updated June 2014

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