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European Social Policy in Defense of the Welfare State: the British and the Italian Manifesto

Comparative social policy tends to underline policy differences (e.g. in the worlds of welfare literature), but common austerity trends in Europe are leading to similar internal reactions. In Italy and in the UK, social policy academics have produced two  documents … Continue reading

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Is Sweden Perfection?

Inspired by the Spirit Level two students decide to visit Sweden to explore, through an adventurous trip, the reasons why Sweden is less unequal than England and what the other countries might learn from the ideal-type of the Nordic welfare. … Continue reading

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Graduates, fees and welfare in Britain and Sweden

Graduates’ protests against rising higher education fees have revealed a sleepy discontent about the impact of loans on students’ welfare, despite Timo‘s arguments in their favour. In this post, I compare loans for HE in Britain and Sweden, arguing that British system … Continue reading

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Social investment in Europe: more than a third-way?

Social investment represents the very last justification for the use of social policy in Europe in times of public cuts. But its ambition to find shared European policy solutions, while missing a single national focus, might create what Sartori called … Continue reading

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