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  • The middle-class in poor countries

    Last week I blogged the first part of an interview with Phillip Brown, and his work with Lauder and Ashton on the ‘global auction’ for middle-class jobs. In this final post, I asked him whether offshoring middle-class jobs is actually a bad thing, and consider the future path of inequality in low-income countries.

  • Offshoring middle-class jobs: myths, realities, policies

    Good jobs in the UK and US are under threat, facing a ‘global auction’ against emerging economies that Western countries are likely to lose – according to a fascinating recent book by Brown, Lauder & Ashton that I previously described in two separate posts. Philip Brown kindly agreed to do an interview for the Inequalities […]

  • Inequalities Interview: Ruth Lupton, LSE

    This is the first of an occasional series of posts where we ask inequalities researchers about what they want to achieve from academic research.  In this post, I speak to Ruth Lupton, a Senior Research Fellow in CASE at LSE.  Her work has focused on spatial inequalities, neighborhood renewal, and on schools and social justice. […]