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  • What Will it Take to End Teenage Pregnancy in the US?

    Remember the culture wars? If you tuned into the chatter on contraception and religious freedom in the last couple weeks, you could be forgiven for thinking that it was 1985 all over again. The Obama administration wants to require all employers to include contraception in their health insurance at no cost. The Catholic Church balked […]

  • Unequal, competitive, and macho?

    As international data gets more readily available, we see ever-more papers that look at the relationship of inequality with something new. Still, I was slightly taken aback to see a paper – in the Proceedings of the Royal Society (B), no less – that related inequality to preferences among women for masculinized faces.

  • Raising the pension age: working longer but fairer

    The chorus of pensions experts in high-income countries have long been singing the refrain, ‘state pension ages should rise’ – people are living longer, pensions are costing more, and the cost can only be brought under control by working for longer too. Understandably many people don’t like this much.  But beyond the gut resentment, it […]

  • Marriage May be Fun, But Not For Everyone

    There’s a nice brief from Brookings about the economy and patterns in marriage in the United States. Here are a few highlights: The marriage rate among young people continues to decrease, but the change is long-term and is not correlated with economic conditions. The divorce rate has also decreased. The median age for marriage continues […]