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What effect do sanctions & conditionality have on disabled people?

I have just blogged about this over at my other blog, Rethinking Incapacity – you can read the full blog post (with the link to the research articles) here. Advertisements

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Securing the reproductive rights of learning disabled women

In this guest post, Godfred Boahen looks at an area of inequalities that we haven’t previously touched upon on the blog – reproductive rights, specifically in the case of disabled people.  In February 2013 the Court of Protection (COP) in England … Continue reading

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The surprising truth about benefits stigma in Britain

This article was originally posted on the LSE Politics & Policy blog – it’s a co-written post by me, Kate Bell and Declan Gaffney, based on our new report on the stigma of claiming benefits that  came out last week. If you don’t pay … Continue reading

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Sickness benefits, suspicion, and anxiety

In a guest post, Kayleigh Garthwaite talks about her recent research with sickness benefit claimants.  Prompted by a hostile email from a GP after speaking about her research recently on national radio, Kayleigh reflects on the real barriers that sickness benefit … Continue reading

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The misreported death of solidarity in Britain

It’s rare for journalists to be waiting for social research with baited breath, pens poised and column inches left blank in anticipation. But the annual release of the ‘British Social Attitudes’ series does just that, a testament to just how … Continue reading

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Paul Gregg: new ideas for disability, employment and welfare reform

While cuts to benefits and services will affect most people in the UK, disabled people have arguably been ‘the hardest hit’ – but while this makes the newspapers on a regular basis, academics have been slower to try and piece together … Continue reading

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The Cost of a Disabled Sibling

If you have brothers or sisters, then you already know that an important piece of your childhood experience is out of your control. You cannot control whether your siblings are kind or cruel, generous or stingy, and you certainly cannot … Continue reading

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Inequality Roundup, Stories in the News

Today I want to post a roundup of some items in the news that piqued my interest, we have poverty measurement, disabilities, spending on children in the US, Medicaid and mortality, getting high schoolers to go to college, and health/income … Continue reading

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Welfare conditionality and disabled people: a democratic deficit

In a guest post, Jenny Morris explains piece-by-piece why the dominant all-party UK story on incapacity is wrong.  The piece was originally posted on her blog, jennymorrisnet.blogspot.com. This is the start of a renewed focus on disability issues on the … Continue reading

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We’re Living Longer, Why Aren’t We Working More?

All welfare states – generous and restrictive –grapple with the question of how to design disability benefits. When benefits are large relative to market wages, and the criteria for disability are fairly loose, individuals with moderate health impairments that could … Continue reading

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