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  • Car salesmen and disabled people unite!

    The drive to reduce inequalities can find allies in surprising places.  This is the message in this very quick post on the latest report from the We Are Spartacus campaign in the UK – a grassroots group trying to draw attention to the impact of austerity on disabled people.

  • Addiction Treatment Works: Why Not Invest in It?

    What if I told you that your state could invest in a program that produced seven dollars of benefits for every dollar invested? What if I told you that this program improved quality of life, health, and economic wellbeing for disadvantaged people? Now, what if I told you that the program was substance abuse treatment? […]

  • The perfect tax system

    You might think that the days of the glorious, all-knowing economist are behind us, in the midst of savagely bleak times at least partly caused by economistic hubris. But clearly there’s still a space in our hearts to hear economists reaching truths unseen by others, at least for the salvation of baseball in the film […]

  • Paying Kids to Be Better Students

    School is often boring, and even the best students are difficult to motivate from time to time. In America’s inner city schools – the kinds of places with metal detectors at the doors and drug dealers lurking on the corners – it has proven especially challenging to engage kids and to create a culture where […]

  • The £ value of equity

    In reality, social policies come about through a mixture of pragmatics, principle, public opinion, politicking, and sheer accident. But in the ideal world of welfare economics,1 we could rationally decide whether to implement a policy by looking at its impact on human welfare. If the benefits of a policy outweigh its costs, then that policy […]