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Get your sports team a tax lawyer

Looking at the behaviour of elite sportsmen is a favourite hobby of economists – aside from many economists being sports geeks (I’m not in a position to call names here…), there’s a wealth of publicly available data just waiting to … Continue reading

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Inequalities Interview: Ruth Lupton, LSE

This is the first of an occasional series of posts where we ask inequalities researchers about what they want to achieve from academic research.  In this post, I speak to Ruth Lupton, a Senior Research Fellow in CASE at LSE.  … Continue reading

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From Katrina to Japan: Social Inequality and Disasters

A Welfare State in Need, is a Welfare State Indeed “There is no such thing as a natural disaster,” is the thought-provoking title of a book about Hurricane Katrina, but the point could apply to many recent tragedies, including the … Continue reading

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Place, Race, Gender, and Wellbeing

In Ben’s interesting post from Thursday he mentions a project underway by some of his LSE colleagues to apply Amartya Sen’s capabilities framework to inequality in Britain. Here in the United States the Social Science Research Council has undertaken the … Continue reading

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The Interaction of Employment, Geography, and Education

What do New York City, Des Moines, and San Francisco have in common? All three were relatively good places for people with less than a high school diploma to find employment during the Great Recession of 2007-2009. Perhaps not coincidentally, … Continue reading

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