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  • Can poverty rise while inequality is flat?

    I recently saw a great post about how there’s been a big increase in inequality within the bottom half of the income distribution (between the 3rd and 1st (bottom) deciles) from 1996-2008, which then fell but rose again 2011-2016. The piece is on stumblingandmumbling (the great economics blog by Chris Dillow) , and I thought Inequalities […]

  • The Boris Johnson ‘Cornflake’ model of social mobility

    The Boris Johnson ‘Cornflake’ model of social mobility

    There are some Boris Johnson news stories we can all enjoy. Like that time he fell in a river. Or when he got stuck up on a zip-wire. Or even when he rescued that woman being menaced by youths – astride his trusty bicycle, the world’s most unlikely knight errant. Then there are the less […]

  • California climate policy inequalities: Win-win, lose-lose, or somewhere in between?

    In 2006, California approved AB 32, a sweeping law to reduce carbon emissions that contribute to climate change. Fynnwin Prager, a researcher at the University of Southern California, examines the implications of AB 32 for economic inequality. It is often said that policies have winners and losers. AB32 – California’s landmark cap-and-trade climate policy – […]

  • Inequality and civic morality

    Inequality and civic morality

    The moral bankruptcy of the modern rich is a popular topic these days; whether they are private individuals avoiding tax (see Jimmy Carr, Lord Ashcroft, and the new kings of full-on tax evasion, Dolce & Gabanna), or the heads of corporations overseeing damaging policies (and, of course, avoiding tax). This is often framed in terms […]