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  • A few things that inequality causes

    Of the endless stream of papers that flash in front of my eyes every week, a large number are ‘Spirit Level style’ – that is, they look at the relationship of inequality and a ‘bad thing’ between countries/areas. If I blogged about each of these then there would be no room for anything else on […]

  • Does money buy happiness?

    Whenever research questions are embroiled in personal debates about the way to live a good life, then you know that you’re about to witness a scrap. And if that wasn’t enough for a robust fight, then the money-happiness link speaks to grander questions about whether we should give up on our chase of GDP growth […]

  • Male ego as a cause of the gender pay gap

    It’s the sort of research finding that seems perfectly designed for one of those free newspapers you can pick up in big cities: ‘women shy away from competitive workplaces’. ¬†And it’s partly true – a great new real-life experiment does show large differences in how men and women treat competition at work, and this may […]

  • Who in their Right Mind Takes Out a Payday Loan?

    There are not many easy ways for people with bad credit and few assets to get cash quickly, but payday lenders are one of them. The business model for payday lending is remarkably simple. A person borrows a sum of money in exchange for an agreed deduction from a future paycheck plus a service charge […]