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  • Did Labour’s social policies fail or succeed 1997-2010?

    It’s impossible to begin telling a story without knowing the ending. So after 13 years in office (1997-2010), it is only now possible to write the story of New Labour’s social policy record – what they aimed to do, what they spent, and what it achieved – and this is just what a team of […]

  • U.S. Health Disadvantage is Not Inevitable

    Two major research studies in the last year compare health indicators in the United States with other major upper-income countries. Both exhaustively review government statistics and published articles. The first study, from the Institute of Medicine, draws on a panel of luminary demographers and epidemiologists to explore the causes of U.S. health disadvantage (editors Laudan […]

  • Who Gets Health Care Priority? Resource Allocation in a Middle Income Country

    Adriane Gelpi, a doctoral candidate in Health Policy at Harvard and a fellow at the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics, describes the intricate ethics and politics of health care resource allocation in Chile. This was originally posted on the Safra Center blog. Imagine that you are the Minister of Health for Chile, a middle-income […]

  • How did Kools become Black, and Marlboros White?

    In 1971, a team of ethnographic researchers conducted focus groups with 24 African American young men in Chicago to explore the men’s sense of identity as well as their hopes and frustrations. The authors concluded that although the African American men strived for social and economic success, they were constantly turned away by racism and […]

  • Give George W. Bush Some Credit for this Community Health Success

    The United States does not have a National Health Service – certainly nothing that we could display with a choreographed song and dance routine – but the federal government does support an extensive network of safety net health clinics. According to recent figures, 19.5 million individuals receive treatment every year at 1,124 Federally Qualified Health […]

  • Doctors as Agents of Public Health Promotion

    In Britain, the NHS Future Forum issued a report calling on the medical establishment to carry the banner of public health: “every contact must count as an opportunity to maintain and, where possible, improve their mental and physical health and wellbeing.” To realize this goal conversations about preventive health may need to extend into new […]