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The Immense Benefit of Applying to One More College – A Natural Experiment

A college degree is more than a wall ornament – it represents immense financial benefits for graduates. These rewards have become even more apparent during the long financial downturn, which have seen widening wage and employment gaps between college graduates … Continue reading

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Thank Your Kindergarten Teacher for Your Next Pay Raise

Although motivated parents jockey to get their children into the classes with well-regarded teachers, and many education policy researchers staunchly defend the importance of high-quality teachers for student outcomes, finding evidence that quality teachers make much of a difference to … Continue reading

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High-Stakes Admissions Testing—Alleviating or Reproducing Inequality?

Kendra Bischoff argues that high-stakes tests can play an important role in evaluating student performance, but they can also unintentionally promote educational inequality. The U.S. education system is currently in a state of flux as the Obama administration pushes reform, … Continue reading

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