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  • The Immense Benefit of Applying to One More College – A Natural Experiment

    A college degree is more than a wall ornament – it represents immense financial benefits for graduates. These rewards have become even more apparent during the long financial downturn, which have seen widening wage and employment gaps between college graduates and those with only a high school degree. Studies also illustrate that getting students to […]

  • Thank Your Kindergarten Teacher for Your Next Pay Raise

    Although motivated parents jockey to get their children into the classes with well-regarded teachers, and many education policy researchers staunchly defend the importance of high-quality teachers for student outcomes, finding evidence that quality teachers make much of a difference to the life success of students is devilishly tricky. Empirical problems abound — student outcomes often […]

  • High-Stakes Admissions Testing—Alleviating or Reproducing Inequality?

    Kendra Bischoff argues that high-stakes tests can play an important role in evaluating student performance, but they can also unintentionally promote educational inequality. The U.S. education system is currently in a state of flux as the Obama administration pushes reform, the documentary “Waiting for Superman” spreads the story of school choice, and leaders of the nation’s […]