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  • Democracy in danger as young people’s disenfranchisement accelerates

    In a guest post, Craig Berrydraws attention to the increasing weakness of young people’s voters compared to older people’s votes – both because of the ageing population, and because young people in Britain are much, much less likely to vote. Young people are more affected by the outcomes of the democratic process than other cohorts: […]

  • How generational inequality helped set England’s cities alight

    In a guest post, Craig Berry argues that we need to look at intergenerational relations – including the capture of wealth by the baby boomers – to truly understand the London riots. England’s riots expose an inconvenient truth: Britain has become a highly unequal society in terms of wealth. As Zoe Williamshas argued, ‘this is what happens when people don’t have […]

  • Raising the pension age: working longer but fairer

    The chorus of pensions experts in high-income countries have long been singing the refrain, ‘state pension ages should rise’ – people are living longer, pensions are costing more, and the cost can only be brought under control by working for longer too. Understandably many people don’t like this much.  But beyond the gut resentment, it […]

  • Which generation should pay for long-term care?

    In a guest post, Craig Berry of the Intergenerational Longevity Centre-UK think-tank asks, can Britain’s Dilnot Commission on long-term care funding achieve intergenerational fairness? The short answer, unfortunately, is no. But that does not mean that the Dilnot Commission is itself to blame.

  • Older workers will bear the brunt of the cuts

    In a guest post, Stephen McNair argues that the public spending cuts in the UK will disproportionately affect older workers – and that the Government urgently needs to combat this. The UK Government’s plans to shift the balance of employment from the public to the private sector have not paid sufficient attention to the age profile […]