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Democracy in danger as young people’s disenfranchisement accelerates

In a guest post, Craig Berrydraws attention to the increasing weakness of young people’s voters compared to older people’s votes – both because of the ageing population, and because young people in Britain are much, much less likely to vote. … Continue reading

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How generational inequality helped set England’s cities alight

In a guest post, Craig Berry argues that we need to look at intergenerational relations – including the capture of wealth by the baby boomers – to truly understand the London riots. England’s riots expose an inconvenient truth: Britain has become a highly unequal … Continue reading

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Raising the pension age: working longer but fairer

The chorus of pensions experts in high-income countries have long been singing the refrain, ‘state pension ages should rise’ – people are living longer, pensions are costing more, and the cost can only be brought under control by working for … Continue reading

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Which generation should pay for long-term care?

In a guest post, Craig Berry of the Intergenerational Longevity Centre-UK think-tank asks, can Britain’s Dilnot Commission on long-term care funding achieve intergenerational fairness? The short answer, unfortunately, is no. But that does not mean that the Dilnot Commission is … Continue reading

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Older workers will bear the brunt of the cuts

In a guest post, Stephen McNair argues that the public spending cuts in the UK will disproportionately affect older workers – and that the Government urgently needs to combat this. The UK Government’s plans to shift the balance of employment from … Continue reading

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